Ludvigsen Education Consulting
Have you been inspired by a Professional Development session before? I mean practice-changing inspired? Are you looking for bigger questions and ideas?

Donna Ludvigsen is a presenter who is passionate about unlocking the strengths of your teaching practice. She is:
-an out-of-the-box thinker
-a higher order thinker
-able to individually tailor to your needs

Donna has worked extensively with school leaders, teachers, graduates, coaches and pre-service teachers.

What we offer:
Professional Development sessions: from 1 hour to full day
Individualised PD tailored to your school’s needs
Ongoing support
Leadership training
Team workshops

We are a new Education Consulting business and are looking for any registrations of interest for Professional Development sessions or workshops for 2015. Please comment below or send an email to

annika at ludvigsen dot com dot au (Replace the bold words with the symbols @ . . )

We welcome feedback and invite you to email or comment with your experiences with Donna.

You might have come to this website looking for resources (Donna uploads important parts of most of her PD power points) or to get an idea of what we are about. You will find what you are looking for in the Resources page.


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